Startup Projects

Here is a quick snapshot about the latest Startup projects I was involved in: Partymood, Startup Weekend World Tour and Startup Tour for 2016…

Startup projects - PartymoodBack in 2012, we created Partymood with my friend Aurélien Monchambert. What started as a fun project at a Startup Weekend in Luxembourg became a serious journey. We worked during two years on the application with a team of three before we decided to quit. We were young, we made many mistakes and we learnt a lot!

startup weekend world tourI had an old idea few years ago: traveling attending each weekend a Startup Weekend in a different city of the World! I started working on the Startup Weekend World Tour in 2014 and made it happen! I traveled 25 countries over 10 months and I attended 16 Startup Weekends & Hackathons!

Startup Weekend AngersIn January 2017, I organised with friends the first Startup Weekend in my hometown – Angers, France.
We got a great success with our events gathering twice per year 50/60 attendees ready to create Startup projects over a weekend! In 2019, we will organise the 5th & 6th editions!

What The HackIn 2018, I started working on what could be the project I had been looking for over the past months. I created my own company : What The Hack. The objective is clearly to use my experience as event organizer to help industries organizing theirs. We mainly  design, organize and facilitate Hackathons and Sprints.